Strong & Fit

Want to get fitter and stronger in a short matter of time? Get Strong & Fit at Westvliet fitness- & racketclub for the area of The Hague, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Leidschenveen and Rijswijk with the special 8 or 12 week program MY FITPLAN.
This is not your first attempt!
Recognize the following pattern? You had made up your mind: I’m going to pick up sports again so I can look and feel like I did when I was 20yrs old. I want that back. The first weeks you are highly motivated at the sports center and at home you even take out the dusty weights from underneath your bed. After a while it gets harder to keep up the exercises. It was late last night, you’re tired and you say to yourself “not today”. The moments you don’t feel like exercising reoccur more often. You’re back in your old movement plan: NOT MOVING. Your muscles weaken and the nice lines are disappearing. You’re back at where you started … or worse, even weaker. 
Change is possible!
With our special 12 week Strong & Fit program from MY FITPLAN you will achieve results without losing motivation. How can that be? You will be coached by your own MY FITPLAN Personal Coach in choosing the right food and right form of movement. You choose for a change of your lifestyle that suits you and one that you can maintain. You become stronger and now you will stay that way.

Choose MY FITPLAN, choose YOU! 

YES! I want to get Strong & Fit with MY FITPLAN!

With your own MY FITPLAN coach you can do it!
During 12 weeks our goal is to coach you individually in getting fitter. A Personal Coach will be assigned to you – your Coach will guide you through these weeks with all the knowledge, tools, support and motivation he/she has. Your Coach will give you personalized food tips and will coach you with the healthy eating plan making it able to endure.  Furthermore, your own MY FITPLAN coach will draw up a Personal Training Plan together with you so you can work on your goals and targets in a responsible way! 

Your 1st  Motto: MY change will start NOW!

My FITPLAN offers:
  • A personal FITPLAN-coach
  • A Personalized Trainings Plan aimed for results
  • Several weigh and measure moments aimed for results
  • Several evaluation and sport coaching moments
  • A workshop ‘Healthy Food for me’
  • A personal consult to obtain personal eating tips according to the principle of breakfast, lunch, dinner and between meal snacks
  • Advice aimed at additional training possibilities before, during and after the My FITPLAN.


With My FITPLAN it’s not about a standard in which measurements are made. It's all about you!

  • We look at you!
  • How does your daily life look?
  • What do you eat and how much do you move now?
  • How busy are you in your daily life?
  • Wat is doable for you?
Now it will work!
Changes must be realistic and able to keep. The most important thing of My FITPLAN is that everything is centered around YOU and improving your health and well-being so in the long run you will have a lifestyle that will ensure you and your family a long healthy and active life.


* MY FITPLAN programs are offered for the duration of 8 and 12 weeks.
Do you want to make a stronger and fitter start under supervision of your own personal MY FITPLAN?  
Register now and make the start!


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