About Yoga

For Yoga lessons you are at the right place at Max Health Club Aan de Vliet for Voorburg, The Hague, Leidschendam, Leidschenveen, Rijswijk and area. With more than 10 different Yoga lessons we offer a diversity and ample choice at different times throughout the week. Yoga classes are given by Yoga Professionals. You are in good hands at Max Health Club!
What is Yoga
Yoga is an ancient technique that has always aimed at promoting holistic living through better lifestyle, improved eating habits and a physical regime. Yoga sometimes interweaves with other philosophies such as Buddhism and Hinduism. But the real focus differs: in the Eastern religions emphasis is on rituals, prayer and belief of God. In Yoga you work towards a positive way of living and a healthy body and mind. It is not necessary to surrender your own religious beliefs to practice Yoga.
Yoga brings Balance
Yoga means bringing balance to your mind and body. The word Yoga means ‘uniting’ but uniting goes further. In this hectic world we live in we don’t take enough time to rest. Our thoughts keep on going, we don’t always sleep well or enough and too much stress makes our muscles stiff. Yoga helps you to reflect. It begins with a whole hour for you, when practiced regularly something happens.
The benefits of Yoga
Yoga makes you aware of your inner perception, gives you rich knowledge of yourself at different levels. You will learn to relax again and therefore sleep better, have less stiff muscles and experience peaceful deep breathing,
With Yoga fit, stronger, agile and more relaxed.
Through the different movements that are so specific for Yoga you will find more relaxation, you will become agile and stronger! Besides the regular Yoga classes we offer a diversity of classes.
Check out our schedule for the days and times.
These Yoga classes can all be taken at Max Health Club Aan de Vliet.
Class Time Intensity Calories
Yoga 75 min Low 250
Dynamic Flow Yoga 75 min Middle 300
Power Yoga 60 min Middle 300
Yin Yoga 60 min Low 200
Yoga Mix 75 min Middle 300
Yoga 50+ 60 min Low 200
Mama Yoga 60 min Middle 300
Pregnancy Yoga 60 min low 200