The BRN® Workout is an effective and especially motivating shape lesson, the choreography will inspire you throughout the lesson. This lesson can be taken at Max Health Club Aan de Vliet for Voorburg, The Hague and area if you want optimal results from your training.

NEW! Starting september 2018: BRN classes every friday morning from 10-10:45 am! 

What is a BRN® workout ?
During the BRN® workout 2 small XCO-trainer® tubes will be used for a 33% higher burn of calories. This shape lesson is a combination of condition training and muscle strengthening exercises with which the legs and arms will be used simultaneously for an optimal result. This ultimate shape workout is for the Body U Really Need. An accessible effective and motivating group lesson where you will work on all facets for a fit, strong and beautiful body.
The workout for optimal calorie burning and getting your whole body in shape! Cardio, muscle strengthening exercises and core training in one lesson.

Check here for the times in the lesson schedule!
A workout takes 45 minutes and exists of:
  • Warming-up.
  • Cardio for the training of your Heart and Lung condition.
  • Core-training to strengthen your natural corset of abdomen, back and hip muscles.
  • Muscle strengthening exercises for your legs, buttocks and upper body.
  • Cooling-down with stretch exercises.
For whom is the BRN®workout?
From beginning sporters to advanced athletes: BRN® is a fantastic shape workout for everyone who wants an effective no-nonsense training. Simple variations for beginners or challenging variations for advanced. Certified instructors have the knowledge and skills to adapt the exercises to each different level.
Would you like:
  • To burn calories optimally?
  • To combine condition and  muscle strengthening exercises in one workout?
  • To effectively shape your abdomen, buttocks and legs?
  • To strengthen your core (abdomen, back and hip muscles)?,
  • To really see the body you were dreaming of in the mirror?  
Then it’s time to BRN® calories!
Besides new exercises and motivating music the BRN® workout has a different lesson structure every three months. The training gives you an overload of trainings incentive that is needed to move forward.
Is the BRN® good for you?
During the workout you will use the XCO-trainer®. These two aluminum tubes filled with grit insure you burn considerable more calories due to the ‘reactive impact’ that this causes.
Scientific research has shown that training with this XCO-trainer® insures:
  • A better physical condition.
  • Optimal Fat burning
  • Higher burning of calories
  • Strong as Iron abdomen, lower back and hip muscles.
  • Less lower back pain
  • An improved body posture
  • A beautiful and tight body.  
In short: the use of XCO® tubes makes the workout more effective.
Don’t wait any longer – join a lesson and find out what it can do for you!