Kick Fit

Martial Art lessons modern style, that is Kick Fit and can be done at Max Health Club Aan de Vliet for The Hague, Voorburg, Leidschenveen, Leidschendam, Rijswijk and area.

Pure fun and sweat!
Kick Fit is the ideal mix of different martial arts performed to fast music using various Kick and thrust techniques on a Kick bag. Kick Fit improves the condition, fat burning and muscle development.

With Kick Fit there is no contact with others, practicing is done on the Kick bag so you won’t get kicked at or hit. Kick Fit is an accommodating group lesson – everyone can participate at their own experience level. If there are pre-existing injuries please discuss this with the instructor so he can give you extra options.
Time:                60 minutes
Intensity:           High
Burn:                up to 500 cal