Boost your immune system and feel fit!

Especially in these times it is extremely important to keep the body fit. By exercising regularly you give a boost to your immune system. In these times of COVID-19 it is certainly important to keep a distance of five feet. However, this does not mean that you cannot start exercising!
At Westvliet we have provided a safe sports environment. In our large building we have indicated overall running directions, the protocols are visible and - most importantly - everyone can play sports with at least a meter and a half between themselves and the other athlete.
How do we do this?
We have doubled our fitness facility in square meters of usable area and we have created a group lesson studio with sports areas measuring three by three meters. This way we know for sure that everyone with us can work on a strong and fit body in a safe way. And those extra corona silos? You will lose it in no time thanks to our professional team that will motivate and guide you in achieving your health goal.
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