Westvliet is sold!

Dear member,
In our monthly newsletter we have already informed you about the definite sale of Westvliet Family Sports & Health Club. We were unable to provide details because the sale was not yet finalized. It is now certain that Westvliet will be sold to Max Health Club. Max Health Club is an existing stand-alone (no chain) high-end club on the Klatteweg in The Hague. The sale is in the final concluding phase.

Max Health Club and Westvliet have many similarities when we look at the mission and vision of both clubs. Both clubs do everything they can to provide optimal service to their members. Both clubs offer a cozy club environment when it comes to recognizing and recognizing those members. And offering members a second home is high on their list of priorities. With the sale of Westvliet to Max Health Club, the club will receive an upgrade without compromising everything that has made Westvliet so special these more than 44 years: a pleasant sports and relaxation environment for all club members.
The location of Westvliet will be called Max Health Club Aan de Vliet. Over the next estimated 1.5 years, Westvliet will undergo a transformation to meet the standard of a high-end club. This transformation is partly due to a division of the building. Tennis halls 2 and 3 will not be sold to Max Health Club but will remain in the possession of the current owner who will extend the current Monkey Town with one of the largest air pillows in the region. Hal 1 stays at Max. During the big construction a large swimming pool with adjacent wellness facilities, a fitness arena twice as large and new active and yoga studios will be built.
To this end, tennis hall 1 will be completely changed. During the renovation of this hall, the fitness and group lessons will remain in the rooms where they are now offered for the time being. These facilities will not move to their new locations until Hall 1 is complete. CYCLE.| spinning studio remains in place, but the intention is to add the racquetball court to realize a studio twice as large. The current studios will remain part of Max, but their function has not yet been announced.
In phase 1 of the renovation, the current reception and catering space will be renovated, so that they are less separated from each other. With that, Max immediately hands over his calling card for what the rest of the club will look like in the period after.
As Westvliet, we could not have lifted the club to a higher level, because the substantial capital injection required for this was not available. Max Health Club can do this. As Max Health Club Aan de Vliet, our fantastic sports location will have a great future that suits our target group and environment. The entire team goes to Max. We are looking forward to it!
We realize that the sale, the division of the building and the renovation plans have direct consequences for several sports facilities that we now offer as Westvliet. Not fun for those members for whom this is their favorite sport. We understand very well that disappointment can be great. But to guarantee a healthy future, certain choices are unfortunately necessary. Max Health Club Aan de Vliet will soon offer the following facilities: fitness, personal training, group lessons, squash, judo, swimming pool and wellness (after renovation), swimming lessons (after renovation), catering and babysitting service.
The following facilities will cease from the time of the transfer (September 1, 2022):
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Netball
  • MOVE.| high performance training
  • Racquetball
After more than 44 years, the curtain falls for indoor tennis at Westvliet. Westvliet was once the place to be with the best velor indoor tennis courts in our large region. There were 12 tennis courts at the start. That time is over. Tennis has shown a downward spiral nationwide in recent years. Due to corona, outdoor tennis, especially padel, has grown. Indoor tennis is no longer attracted after corona. Of the once 600 active tennis players at the club, a group of about 80 users remains.
As a farewell to this beautiful sport, Westvliet is organizing a farewell tournament on Saturday 27 August between 9am-4pm. Afterwards we offer a drink from 4-6 pm where we can share all the beautiful stories about all these years of tennis at Westvliet.
Would you like to participate? Send an email to info@westvliet.nl to register. Do not forget to provide your personal details (name, telephone number and e-mail address) and your playing level.
 Alex Luneman of Tennis Park Welgelegen and Tennis School Jan de Rook will support us in putting together a fun, challenging tournament for everyone. They also have a great offer to continue tennis at Tennispark Welgelegen.
Our partner of Tennis School Jan de Rook and Tennis Park Welgelegen understands that it is not nice for our tennis players that tennis at the trusted Westvliet will disappear. That is why they make a special offer to offer all tennis players an alternative.
All tennis players can become a member at Tennispark Welgelegen for only €175 for the first year. This is a 50% discount on the annual membership fee!
Interested? Send an email to info@tennisschooljanderook.nl before October 1, 2022.
The Netball participants are already aware and are currently looking for another location. On May 21, they played a final Dutch Open tournament in which a total of 90 participants from different cities in the Netherlands took part.
MOVE.| high performance training
All MOVE. members will receive a separate message from us about how they can continue to exercise at a high level at the future Max Health Club Aan de Vliet.
Discussions have also taken place with the racquetball players. In the weekend of 9 to 11 September, a final Dutch Open International tournament will be organized with a farewell drink. Unfortunately, this means that 1 of the 2 racquetball courts in the Netherlands will be cancelled. The only remaining track is in the Frisian Franeker.
All contracts are included in the sale of the club. This means that your membership and rate* will not change. Max Health Club guarantees that you can keep your current membership until January 1, 2025! A condition for this is that you remain a member after the transfer on 1 September 2022. So, you can continue to work out, play squash, take group classes and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.
If your sport disappears or if you do not want Westvliet BV to transfer your personal data to Max Health Club BV, you can terminate your membership per 1 September 2022 in accordance with the general terms and conditions of NL Actief.
If you want to cancel your membership, we ask you to send an email to ledenadministratie@westvliet.nl BEFORE 25th of AUGUST with a clear request to cancel the sports contract in connection with the loss of your sports facility or refusal to share personal data (privacy law). Any prepaid membership fee will be refunded.
Without active cancellation on your part, the membership will continue.
We cannot guarantee that cancellation requests received after August 1st will be processed on time. All cancellation requests received after September 1, will be handled in accordance with the terms and conditions as with any other contract. In this case, it is possible to cancel with 1 calendar month notice period after the initial term.
If you have any questions, you can send an email to info@westvliet.nl. From the 3rd week of August, I will again be able to answer your questions. Questions regarding your membership can be sent directly to members ledenadministratie@westvliet.nl.
The first communication from Max Health Club will be from September 1.
Have fun with sports and see you soon at - now - Westvliet Family Sports & Health Club!
On to a beautiful healthy future!
Ambani de Haan
general manager
* In accordance with the conditions, memberships can be indexed every year according to the CBS consumer price index.