Back in Shape

Getting Back in Shape after your pregnancy is possible! In 10 weeks time we will help you to get Back in Shape again at Max Health Club Aan de Vliet for Voorburg, The Hague, Leidschenveen, Leidschendam and area.

Yes! I want t get Back in Shape!

All we ask is 10 weeks of your commitment.
Don’t want to commit to a longer membership but want to work on getting your post-pregnancy body back in shape by losing weight and tightening the muscles? Then start with sports and weight loss with our 10 week Back in Shape program – THE program suited for all New Moms 6 weeks after delivery of your child.

Yes! I want to get back in shape

The benefits of our 10 week Back in Shape program
Anybody who ever had a baby knows that the first months after your baby is born you are not always in heaven. Your baby is fantastic, you are totally in love with your newborn but your body and energy levels are not the same because of the sleepless nights and extra care.

This situation is crying out for help!
We will help you step by step to feel YOU again, not only your body but your brain will benefit from daily exercise.  This will help you and your partner to enjoy your newborn together in a happy and relaxed way.

What does the 10 week program Back in Shape entail?
A designated Coach will help you reach your goal of getting Back in Shape with responsible post pregnancy exercises focusing on tightening the muscles. You will receive a Personalized Exercise Plan and a Personal Diet Plan that will take into account possible breastfeeding.  

The 10 week program can be done individually. You don’t have to wait for a start date – you can step in at any moment and start to make your way to a great body. Of course we will coach you at your own pace.

How does it work?
  • Time: 10 weeks
  • Personal intake & Personalized Exercise Plan
  • Coaching by a Sport Coach and a Dietary Consultant.
  • 5 weigh and measure moments
  • Personal Diet Plan
  • Group activities, like Mama Yoga and more
  • Price: € 169,00 
  • (partial) Reimbursement Zorg&Zekerheid


Yes! I want to start now to get back in shape!

‚ÄčReimbursement Zorg en Zekerheid Insurance
Are you insured through Zorg & Zekerheid Health Insurance?
Ask us about the possibilities for a reimbursement.
If you have an AV-Total additional insurance policy then you will receive 100% reimbursement. The program at Zorg & Zekerheid resides under ‘Preventive Courses’ reference ‘jouw figuur’ (=your figure).

Package deal: Start (6 weeks) Fit (10 weeks) Personal (10 weeks)
Members: 59,- 89,- 189,-
Non members: 99,- 169,- 269,-
Use of all facilities
Within all of our programs each participant can make use of all of our facilities. Group lessons, sauna, tennis, squash, fitness etc etc. There are special lessons that are suited for the mom who just gave birth e.g. Mama Yoga, Body Balance, Pilates and more. Let your own Coach advise you!

Do you want to experience what exercise can do for you?
Start with moving and sign up for the 10 week Back in Shape post-pregnancy program!

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