Fit Challenge - 10 week plan

Are you aiming to get fit, lose weight in a healthy way, to learn to train the right way and stay motivated all the while. Let us help you. NOW is the time! You can do it.

At Westvliet fitness & racketclub you’re at the right place for personalized guidance and a training course that only takes 10 weeks.  Suited for everybody that lives or works in Voorburg, Den Haag, Leidschendam, Leidschenveen and area. 

Yes! I take the Fit Challenge!

During this 10 week Fit Challenge Program you will be coached by your personal sport and dietary coach. He/she will draw up a diet plan together with you plus a personalized training plan – there will be motivational (regular) coach moments so you can’t fall back.
What’s the difference between a regular membership and this special program?
As member of Westvliet fitness- & racketclub you can plan an appointment for every 6-8 weeks with your instructor. Is that enough to keep you motivated to eat a healthy diet by deleting the bad carbohydrates and fats combined with training based on results? Or do you belong to the 95% of the people that need extra coaching and support? If that’s the case -  the 10 week Fit Challenge Program is for you!
This is how it works:
  • 7 appointments with you own Fitplan coach in 10 weeks time.
  • a personalized training plan
  • 1 dietary consult to discuss your current eating habits and the new Food plan.
  • Begin and end weigh-in and measurements focused on results
  • 2 x per week a 35 min. Training in the Milon Circuit.
  • Advice about additional training possibilities for the Fit plan – before, during and afterwards.
  • Possibly up to 100% reimbursement from Zorg en Zekerheid Health Insurance


Not a diet!
The 10 week Fit Challenge is not about a diet. Through correct exercise, more movement, eating healthy food and coaching we will help you to reach an optimal result. We want you to feel good – that is the most important thing.

Reimbursement Zorg en Zekerheid Insurance
Are you insured through Zorg & Zekerheid Health Insurance?
Ask us about the possibilities for reimbursement.
If you have an AV-Total additional insurance policy then you will receive 100% reimbursement. The program at Zorg & Zekerheid resides under ‘Preventive Courses’ reference ‘jouw figuur’ (=your figure).

Package deal: Start (6 weeks) Fit (10 weeks) Personal (10 weeks)
Members: 59,- 89,- 189,-
Non members: 99,- 169,- 269,-

Do you want to make a fit start with a Personal Coach for guidance? Sign up today! 

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