Fit Challenge - 10 week plan

Are you aiming to get fit, lose weight in a healthy way, to learn to train the right way and stay motivated all the while. Let us help you. NOW is the time! You can do it.

At Max Health Club you’re at the right place for personalized guidance and a training course that only takes 10 weeks.  Suited for everybody that lives or works in Voorburg, Den Haag, Leidschendam, Leidschenveen and area. 

Yes! I take the Fit Challenge!

During this 10 week Fit Challenge Program you will be coached by your personal sport and dietary coach. He/she will draw up a diet plan together with you plus a personalized training plan – there will be motivational (regular) coach moments so you can’t fall back.
What’s the difference between a regular membership and this special program?
As member of Max Health Club you can plan an appointment for every 6-8 weeks with your instructor. Is that enough to keep you motivated to eat a healthy diet by deleting the bad carbohydrates and fats combined with training based on results? Or do you belong to the 95% of the people that need extra coaching and support? If that’s the case -  the 10 week Fit Challenge Program is for you!
This is how it works:
  • 7 appointments with you own Fitplan coach in 10 weeks time.
  • a personalized training plan
  • 1 dietary consult to discuss your current eating habits and the new Food plan.
  • Begin and end weigh-in and measurements focused on results
  • 2 x per week a 35 min. Training in the Milon Circuit.
  • Advice about additional training possibilities for the Fit plan – before, during and afterwards.
  • Possibly up to 100% reimbursement from Zorg en Zekerheid Health Insurance


Not a diet!
The 10 week Fit Challenge is not about a diet. Through correct exercise, more movement, eating healthy food and coaching we will help you to reach an optimal result. We want you to feel good – that is the most important thing.

Reimbursement Zorg en Zekerheid Insurance
Are you insured through Zorg & Zekerheid Health Insurance?
Ask us about the possibilities for reimbursement.
If you have an AV-Total additional insurance policy then you will receive 100% reimbursement. The program at Zorg & Zekerheid resides under ‘Preventive Courses’ reference ‘jouw figuur’ (=your figure).

Package deal: Start (6 weeks) Fit (10 weeks) Personal (10 weeks)
Members: 59,- 89,- 189,-
Non members: 99,- 169,- 269,-

Do you want to make a fit start with a Personal Coach for guidance? Sign up today! 

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