Fit & Slim

Want to lose weight? Losing weight and getting fit is done at Max Health Club Aan de Vliet, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Leidseveen, Rijswijk and area.

Do you want to feel good about yourself this month already?
Start with the customized ‘Fit & Slim’ program at Max Health Club Aan de Vliet. During the 10-week program you will work together with a personal coach. With the right kind of exercise, healthy diet and coaching we will help you reach an optimal result. To feel good about yourself again! That is what we want for you!

Yes! I want to get Fit & Slim!

Your own sport and diet coach
During the special 10-week ‘Fit & Slim program you will be supported by a designated sport and diet coach. He/she will draw up a Food Plan and a Personalized Exercise Program. With extra coaching moments built in at regular moments you will be able to keep up the good work. To get fit and slim is possible with the right combination of healthy diet and exercise.
What is the difference between a normal membership and this special program?
As a member of Max Health Club you can plan an appointment to evaluate your progress with your instructor every 6-8 weeks. Is that enough to keep you motivated to eat right without extra sugars, bad carbohydrates but with enough healthy protein rich food combined with result aimed training? Or do you belong to the 95% of the people that need that extra bit of support? If you belong to the last group the 10-week ‘Back in Shape’ program is perfect for you.

This is how it works:
  • 7 appointments with your personal Fitplan Coach for 10 weeks
  • personalized exercise program
  • 1 consult with dietary coach to discuss your diet plan
  • Start and finish measurements focused on results
  • 2x per week only 35' training in de Milon Circuit – advice for additional training possibilities to do before, during and after the Fit Plan
  • A possible 100% reimbursement when insured at Zorg and Zekerheid
Not a diet
The 10-week Fit & Slim program is not a starvation diet. It’s not only about the amount of pounds your weigh but about the change of fat percentage in relation to muscle percentage.
Through right exercise (fitness), healthy diet and regular coaching we will help you obtain an optimal result. Feeling good about yourself is what it’s all about!
Yes! I want that, too! I want to start NOW!

Reimbursement when insured through Zorg en Zekerheid
Do you have health insurance at Zorg and Zekerheid? Ask about their possibilities for (partial) reimbursement.  IF you have an AV-Total additional policy you could receive 100% reimbursement. The program resides under Preventive Courses – ‘Your Figure’
Package deals and prices
Package deals: Start (6 weeks) Fit (10 weeks) Personal (10 weeks)
Members: €59,- €89,- €189,-
Non-members: €99,- €169,- €269,-
Do you want to become fit and slim in just 10 weeks time? Do you need a personal coach to support you at this? Fill in your details and start today!

Information request 8-12 week MY FITPLAN