Kids Racketsports

Tennis, Squash, Badminton and Racquetball for children and teens can be found at  Westvliet Fitness- & Racketclub for The Hague, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Leidschenveen, Rijswijk and area.

To start with sports at an early age is very important. In addition to their daily exercise we at Westvliet Fitness & Racketclub offer children and teenagers an array of sports and game. 

Youth Racket Sports (from 12 yrs)
The Youth has access to the courts after the busy hours on weekdays. Children from 12 yrs may play independently and book courts if they have the right membership.
Court reservations
To play tennis independently at Westvliet Fitness- & Racketclub per 45 minutes (Squash and Racquetball) and 60 minutes (Tennis and Badminton) you need to reserve a court.
This can be done a week beforehand at our front desk or via our online reservation system.
To reserve a court is only possible if the teen has a Racketsport or Student membership.

With a kids-membership when and if courts are available one can play at these times:
  • Monday through Friday from 07.00 – 17.00 hrs.
  • Saturday and Sunday from 12.00-16.00 hrs.
For the following Racket sports there are lessons to be booked.  The lessons are organized by our partners. For more information about lessons look here:


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