Body Pump

Stong and Fit with Body Pump at Max Health Club for The Hague, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Leidscheveen, Rijswijk and area.
Strong and fit with Body Pump
With good reason Body Pump is quite popular as lesson form. In one hour of your time, you train all your muscle groups and the instructor motivates you to take it to the max!
The Body Pump lesson consists of different muscle exercises using weights and steps. This active group lesson is suited for everyone with an average physical condition who wants to work on firming your muscle mass. The variation of exercises are carried out in a controlled manner and the intensity can be adjusted to your physical caliber.

Joining the Body Pump lessons will help you improve your physical condition and strengthen muscles so you can burn more calories – even long after the lesson is over.
Time:                55 minutes
Intensity:           High
Burn:                 up to 560 calories.